integrated man
in·​te·​grat·​ed man / in-tə-grā-təd man  noun
The Integrated Man is human. But, he is awake. He responds to life impeccably in mind, body, and spirit. He takes responsibility for his own needs. He is comfortable in his sexuality. He is courageous, purposeful, and passionate. The Integrated Man embraces all that makes him uniquely male.


Thank you for being here. The question is: What brought you here?

Maybe you found us on Google. Maybe you were referred here by a friend. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a coach or joining a men’s group. Or, maybe, you read No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover and it turned your whole world upside down – in the best possible way.

Whatever the case, chances are you’re here for a reason.

You’re here because you’ve been failing to live up to your potential. You’re here because you’ve been struggling in your relationships or your career – or both. You’re here because what you’ve been doing isn’t working.

You’re here because you’re looking for resources.

You’re here because – like so many men – you’ve been living a life of quiet desperation. And, hopefully, you’ve decided that it’s time for a f*cking change.

The Integrated Man Cave was created by Tony Endelman, an author, entrepreneur, certified transformational life coach, and one of Dr. Robert Glover’s certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coaches. Much of what you’ll see on this site is rooted in the work of Dr. Glover, the author of No More Mr. Nice Guy and Dating Essentials for Men, and a seminal figure in men’s self-improvement.

This site was built with Dr. Glover’s blessing. It was also built to provide you with everything you need to become an Integrated Man, and much more.


The term Integrated Man came to prominence when Dr. Glover wrote about it in his groundbreaking book, No More Mr. Nice Guy. In the simplest terms, an Integrated Man is the opposite of a Nice Guy. While classically frustrated Nice Guys constantly seek the approval of others, create less than satisfying relationships and fail to live up to their potential, the Integrated Man feels good about himself from the inside out. An Integrated Man does not seek the approval of others. An Integrated Man seeks to improve himself – not so others will like him, but because he knows he can add value to the world.

Becoming Integrated

The journey from frustrated Nice Guy to Integrated Man is one that never truly ends.  Ideally, you should work to better yourself by making incremental improvements each and every day, until you kick the bucket. Becoming fully integrated is a lifelong process. 

That said, radical transformation is possible.  

If you’re just beginning your journey while simultaneously looking for resources to help you rapidly make profound changes in your life, you’re in the right place. 

There are a number of websites dedicated to men’s improvement, but The Integrated Man Cave aims to be different. We strive to go deeper. And, we’re dedicated to providing you with the all the tools you need to become an Integrated Man, and more.

  • Accepts all aspects of himself
  • Has a strong sense of individuality
  • Makes his own needs a priority
  • Is comfortable with his masculinity and sexuality
  • Has integrity
  • Takes the lead and sets the tone
  • Expresses his feelings, clearly and directly
  • Nurtures and gives without caretaking
  • Takes risks
  • Sets boundaries
  • Responds to life impeccably in mind, body, and spirit.

Self-respect, courage, and integrity look good on a man. As recovering Nice Guys chart their own path and put themselves first, people respond.

Dr. Robert Glover



If you do nothing else but purchase, read, and implement the concepts in these books, you’ll begin to see positive changes in your life. CLICK A COVER TO BUY.


The Integrated Man Cave Facebook Group provides a positive, supportive environment where members can share their wins, ask questions, seek advice, gain insight, and make connections with other men from all walks of life.



Whether you work with The Integrated Man Cave or someone else, investing in a coach – which is really an investment in yourself  – can be an absolute game-changer.  Why? Because a coach will hold you accountable. A coach will push you to change your thinking. A coach will challenge you and inspire you and call you on your bullshit.  When you invest in coaching, you’ll sooner close the gap between the man you are and the man you want to be.



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