You can’t do this work alone.
Get the support you need to experience the change you desire.

Everyone needs a coach.

In his groundbreaking book, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Dr. Robert Glover asserts that one of the most effective ways to break through your psychological barriers and become the man you want to be is to reveal yourself to a safe person or safe people. When it comes to Nice Guy recovery work specifically, Dr. Glover is adamant that you must not do this work alone.

In 2013, Bill Gates gave a TED Talk, during which he proclaimed: “everyone needs a coach.”

And in 2018, Men’s Health published a short article titled Not Talking About Mental Health is Literally Killing Men,” explaining that the “macho attitude of stuffing your feelings down, or ignoring them, is antiquated and downright dangerous.”

Perhaps you’re still not convinced.  Totally understandable.

Many men are reluctant to work with a coach.  Some men won’t even consider it. Why? Because working with a coach means that you’ll have do something different. Working with a coach means that you’ll have to invest in yourself.  Working with a coach means that you’ll have to face your fears.

Working with a coach means that you’ll finally have to confront your bullshit – the bullshit that’s been holding you back for years from creating the life that you want.

How long are you going to stay where you are?

If you’ve found your way here, it’s probably because something in your life isn’t going the way you’d like. You feel stuck. And you don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

So, how long are you going to stay where are?

Maybe you’re a classically frustrated Nice Guy.

Maybe you’ve been working at a job you despise and your boss is a dick and sitting in a cubicle makes you want to stick your head in the office microwave.

Maybe you keep finding yourself in unsatisfying relationships or you keep getting your heart stomped on and you wonder if you’ll ever find someone who truly loves you and appreciates you and makes you a priority.

Maybe you’re feeling lost or hopeless, and you don’t even see the point of getting out of bed in the morning.

Been there.

The point is, no matter what brought you here, it’s good that you came. 

Whether you work with a coach one-on-one or you’re part of a group coaching program (or both), you’ll grow in ways you never thought possible.

Some of the greatest men throughout history have reached their goals all because they worked with a coach and surrounded themselves with other committed men.  If you’re serious about breaking through your current challenges and creating the life you want, don’t go it alone.

Ready to get started?
  • Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Release Toxic Shame
  • Increase Confidence
  • Overcome Fear
  • Embrace Your Masculinity
  • Become More Attractive
  • Improve Your Social Skills
  • Approach Women with Ease
  • Get More Dates
  • Experience Better Sex
  • Masterfully Navigate Relationships
  • Learn to Set Boundaries
  • Eliminate Covert Contracts
  • Overcome Heartbreak & Loss
  • Procrastinate Less
  • Set and Accomplish Goals
  • Overcome Your Fear of Success
  • Experience More Happiness
  • Embrace Abundance
  • Achieve Inner Peace


Work directly with a certified life and No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach. Reap the benefits of having a safe person who will help you overcome your self-limiting beliefs and toxic shame, provide encouragement and accountability, and give you all the tools you need to become an Integrated Man.


Take your Nice Guy recovery work to the next level in this flagship program. Integrated Man University gives you access to weekly group coaching calls, a strategically crafted 12-week curriculum featuring 100+ video lessons, a private online community, a tribe of men, and much, much more.