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If you’re here, there’s a good chance it’s because you read No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover and it turned your whole fucking world upside down.

Maybe you were wondering why nothing seems to go the way you want.

Or why you never get that raise or promotion.

Or why women keep stomping all over your heart.

Or why you always end up in the friend zone.

Or why you’re terrified of confrontation.

Or why you never stand up for yourself.

Or why you never seem to take any risks in life.

Or why you’re not living up to your fullest potential.

Then, you read that goddamn book and…turns out…you’ve got a bad case of Nice Guy Syndrome.

Welcome to the club.

“Groups are the most effective tool I know of to break free from the Nice Guy Syndrome.” – Dr. Robert Glover

What’s Wrong with Being a Nice Guy?

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with being nice to others. But, this isn’t about being nice to others. This is about being nice to yourself. And, when you fail to stand up for your values, make your own needs a priority, and walk away from bad situations, you’re denying yourself the life you deserve. And, in fact, you’re not really being nice at all. You’re also venturing down a path towards frustration and heartbreak.

Nice Guys are dependent on external validation. They’ll do damn near anything to avoid conflict. And, according to Dr. Glover, Nice Guys are guided by three principles or “covert contracts.” These covert contracts are:

  • If I am a good guy, then everyone will love me and like me (and people I desire will desire me).
  • If I meet other people’s needs without them having to ask, then they will meet my needs.
  • If I do everything right, then I will have a smooth, problem-free life.

These covert contracts exist at an unconscious level, and they simply don’t work. But, Nice Guys are convinced they should. When Nice Guys believe they have fulfilled their side of these contracts, they tend to feel helpless and resentful when others don’t fulfill their side.

Who exactly is the Nice Guy?

  • He is the husband who lets his wife run the show.
  • He is the boyfriend who frustrates his girlfriend because he is so afraid of conflict that nothing ever gets resolved.
  • He is the friend who will do damn near anything for anybody, even though his own life is a mess.
  • He is the boss who tells one person what they want to hear, then reverses himself to please someone else.
  • He is the employee who works overtime and never asks for a raise or promotion.
  • He is the man who lets people walk all over him because he is petrified of controversy.
  • He is the man who never says NO and never sets boundaries.
  • He is the man whose life seems completely under control, until…BOOM. One day he does something to destroy it all.

Common Characteristics of Nice Guys

  • Nice Guys desperately seek the approval of others.
  • Nice Guys hide their perceived flaws and mistakes.
  • Nice Guys consistently put other people’s needs before their own.
  • Nice Guys sacrifice their personal power and play the role of victim.
  • Nice Guys are disconnected from other men and from their own masculine energy.
  • Nice Guys regularly co-create unsatisfying and unfulfilling relationships.
  • Nice Guys are sexually frustrated.
  • Nice Guys typically fail to live up to their full potential.

Common Nice Guy Behaviors

  • Nice Guys do nice things with strings attached. They always have unspoken expectations.
  • Nice Guys do anything to avoid rejection.
  • Nice Guys constantly blame others – or the universe – for their circumstances.
  • Nice Guys often fall for emotionally unstable women who need fixing.
  • Nice Guys act like ‘table dogs’ around women, always waiting for a scrap of attention or affection.
  • Nice Guys constantly take shit from others.
  • Nice Guys settle. They settle for crappy relationships, crappy sex, crappy jobs, and crappy lives.

Can you relate to what you’ve read so far?  If so, then it’s time for a f*cking change. It’s time to abolish your Nice Guy Syndrome. It’s time to start getting what you want in love, sex and life. It’s time to start learning how to become an Integrated Man.

The opposite of a Nice Guy isn’t an asshole. The opposite of a Nice Guy is an Integrated Man.

An Integrated Man feels good about himself from the inside out. An Integrated Man does not seek the approval of others. An Integrated Man seeks to improve himself – not so others will like him, but because he knows he can add value to the world.

Your No More Mr. Nice Guy Group Awaits…

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